High service procedure:

services3_tanphijaTanphija company have developed a high level of expertise in a number of related fields such as follows:- Electrical engineering which include the design and installation of Low and High Voltage Power Systems for commercial, Industrial and Residential Buildings. Civil engineering: Building and Infrastructure. Mechanical; these includes installation and services, commonly attending are; Air conditions both domestic and Industrial application, cold-room plants and ice block machine. General contractor

services_tanphijaMaintenance of contract procedure:

    This is base on our strategic contract procedure.

 Safety Management System :

services2_tanphijaOur safety performance is enhanced by putting in place a set of guidelines, rules and procedures that act as standards of performance. These are usually well documented and made available to every employee while the safety manager ensures that these guidelines are maintained, followed and enforced.


chargesOur Charges:

Our charges are very competitive.


Our Client Include:

about4We have high record from the following customer/clients base Banking Industries, Hotels, Motels, Event Hall, Hospital, Mortuary, Frozen Store House, Pharmaceutical Companies, Corporate Office and Individuals.