New Development

We now have Blast freezer in various capacities

 SME Business Relationship

Tanphija company signed entrepreneurship programs with some banks and financial institution to enhance our business growth

New Innovation

We have also developed a high capacity of ice blocks making machine storage with capacity to handle 300, 400, 500 and more ice blocks at a go.


In the recent time we discover that most people are more eager or concern in buying refrigeration system without any plans of regular maintenance culture on that same system.

There is a wrong believe or perception that until the machine break-down, then there is no need of maintenance. This is completely wrong, in fact, the cost of buying cold-rooms, chillers or any system at all can not be compared with the cost of maintaining that same system.

You can buy a products once, that is at once, but, the cost of maintenance is not at once, but as long as you want it better functions. In other words, the maintenance is for life, and except there is no life in that machine again.


If you are aspire to be or you want to develop your knowledge in industrial refrigeration.

Hurray now to registered, this opportunity may be for you.

We have limited space. Only 4 people in total

This is the first time we are placing this advert.

Candidate must be able to read and write fluently.

Advert placing this 2017