• We have noticed some technician do apply heat to refrigerant cylinder while charging a system to keep the pressure from dropping. This is an extremely dangerous practice.
  • Never apply heat to a coil that contains refrigerant if it is closed off from the system because the refrigerant cannot escape. many disastrous accidents happen when a stream hose is turned on the coils, while both the inlet of the coils are closed.
  • When leaks it detected in a cylinder and refrigerant is escaping, the best thing to do is stand back and look for a valve with which to shut it off. Do not try to stop it with your hands.
  • Waterproof boots not only protect your feet from water and cold room but help to protect you from electrical shock hazard when working in wet weather.
  • Low-temperature freezers are just as cold in the middle of the summer as in the winter. Cold-weather-jacket must be used when working inside these freezers
  • Think safety first, protect your life and the life of the equipment.

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