Inner view of 1000 Tons

Knock-down walk in coolers are constructed of panels from 2mm to 200mm depending on the request thickness, which is directly based on the inside temperature inside the cooler. They are a sandwich type of construction with metal on each side and foam insulation between. The metal in the panels may be galvanized sheet metal or aluminum.

The panels are very strong enough that no internal support steel is needed for small coolers.

The panels can be interlocked together during installation and these panels can be moved from one location to another and can be reassembled.

The panels are normally waterproof and can be installed outdoors

Factors to consider when choosing refrigeration equipment;

  • The cost, 2) conditions to be maintained, 3) operating cost of the equipment, 5) long-range intent of the equipment.
  • Products dehydration can be a factor in the choice of equipment.
  • All fixtures have condensate that must be drained away or evaporated.
  • Individual small compressors are not as efficient as larger compressor because of motor efficiency.

There must be a defrost cycle on both medium and low temperature fixtures.

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