Tanphija limited is an engineering service company that specializes in design and constructions, installations and general services. Civil (property) electrification’s, cooling and heating technology, both sales and services Cold-room storage’s, Heating equipment, electrification, Air-conditions, Fabrications and Project management.

Air Condition

Domestic or Industrial

icon1Air conditioning is the cooling of indoor air for thermal comfort. In a broader sense, the term can refer to any form of cooling, heating, ventilation, or disinfection that…

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Cold Room

Our cooling brand

icon2Tanphija Company is experts when it comes to cold, freezer rooms and blast freezers. We have construct and installed through out Nigeria and…

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Ice Block

Making Machine the best

icon3We design high capacity, to mold Ice Block and also handle it freezing temperature for some reasonable time after molding. Our Ice Block machine…

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We Speak Electrical Language

electricalElectrical control and rural electrification both physical assessment and recommendation. Rural electrification system expansion, through…

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Recent Posts


Service support system

Give your refrigeration system the best. this is because having your cold-rooms, chillers and air-conditions supply and installed is not the only main thing, you service support system. You must keep goodRead More...
By : admin | Mar 31, 2017

Multiple doors system

Simple and multiple doors system, to enable free access to the room with specific temperature that sustain the products, we observe all the details during and after installation
By : admin | Mar 31, 2017

Chilling cold-room

Knock-down chilling cold-rooms. This model allowed easy installations and also very easy to relocate to another location
By : admin | Mar 31, 2017

Evaporators unit

Standard evaporator units, ready for used with high-speed draft fan motors
By : Tanphija Tanphija | Feb 9, 2016


We have noticed some technician do apply heat to refrigerant cylinder while charging a system to keep the pressure from dropping. This is an extremely dangerous practice. Never apply heat to aRead More...
By : admin | Jan 22, 2016


Knock-down walk in coolers are constructed of panels from 2mm to 200mm depending on the request thickness, which is directly based on the inside temperature inside the cooler. They are a sandwichRead More...
By : admin | Jan 22, 2016


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